Reviews. And what they mean.

There is a vast difference between a 5 star review and a 1 star review.


Our business is small. It’s tiny, in fact. It is just the 2 of us. We design all our light fittings and manufacture them in our home based workshop. We have built our website, take all our photographs, create all our Social Media in house, respond to each and every email ourselves. Package, brand, print and locally deliver. Just the way we like it.


SO… when you get your first 1STAR review, it hurts! The details of said review are neither here nor there (any more – but I did check ‘HelloPeter’ before writing this!) but suffice to say, when one’s business is one’s livelihood and just one bad review, could in fact be its demise, a bad review is not something you want to see plastered all over your Socials / Google.


I am not going to go into the details of the review. And I will admit that it was in fact totally and utterly reason for upset. I was in the wrong. Me, personally – my actions (not those of my business) and I could have handled it better – BUT… my business did not deserve to suffer because of my actions, and receiving a 1-star review that could affect multiple sales opportunities based on 1 personal mistake was not something I was coping with. I was sad. So I reached out and thankfully, kindness prevailed and the negative review was removed. I am eternally grateful and this brings me to my point…


IF you have a bad experience – in ANY way shape or form with a supplier, service provider or manufacturer, PLEASE contact them first before hastily smashing out what could be the review that ends their business.


We are South African, we are proud and diverse but we are ALL trying our best to keep our heads above water. No one is safe and no one is spared from the struggle that is COVID and life in general right now. Our small businesses are struggling, really struggling, but we have to keep them alive and SUPPORT them now more than ever.


So, if you feel the need to lash out and ‘name / shame / write a bad review’ … call first. Say you are unhappy, threaten to write the bad review, whatever you feel but AT LEAST give them the chance to rectify the situation to you personally BEFORE your actions ruin their business. There is every chance their business is phenomenal and they were having a bad day, or were feeling ‘out of their depth’… or… or …. OR….


Let’s be kind and support each other – a FIVE star review takes no effort at all if you’re happy with the product / service – and let’s all focus on building our economy and our attitudes from the inside.


#shoplocal # supportlocal