Once you see black you’ll never look back…

Black light fittings in the home are on trend! The other day I was chatting to a client about their home interior. During the conversation, the words “Industrial” and “Grunge” were used to describe the design of the interior space. I was interested to learn that the use of black furnishings was becoming increasingly more popular. This coupled with pops of colourful accessories, was proving to be a highly desirable combination. Enter BLACK. We love our range of laser cut light fittings in black. They look even more striking than the natural if suited to the space. AssembLIT light fittings are even more versatile now that they are available in striking black. If black is your look, email us for a quote. If you would like to send us an image of your space, we will happily make a suggestion of what may work in it. We think ‘The Observatory’ is perfectly suited to this lounge with it’s trendy, industrial feel. Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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